Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Addition to the Family

No, I didn't have the baby... we got a puppy! We must be out of our minds because while waiting patiently for me to go into labor any day now, Daddy agreed to take in a puppy. She is so sweet and great with the kids. The timing may be off a bit, but we fell in love!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

While Waiting...

I am officially coming to the end of my pregnancy. Yesterday we spent the morning preparing the house for our home birth. Supplies are bought, clothes are clean, food is stocked. All we are waiting for now is the baby.

While waiting I am trying to stay busy with the kids, not only because I want to keep my mind off of going into labor but because I am realizing that life will never be the same for my two older kids once this little one joins us. Attention is going to be split again and time alone with each will become more precious. I finally realized this last night in a very bittersweet moment. Bubba and Buddy were dropped of at Grandma's to spend the night so Daddy and I could enjoy one last evening alone and one last morning sleeping in before our lives were turned upside down by a newborn. After dinner we got the phone call no parent wants to get... our kids were being monsters and needed to be picked up. I wasn't mad, just slightly disappointed. On our long drive home our little monsters immediately fell asleep, giving me time to think about our families future. What I realized is that as badly as I wanted alone time with Daddy, our kids needed us more. They need our attention now, because soon enough they won't completely have it.

So I have made a commitment to make this week as fun as possible, to slow down and enjoy our time, and to make sure they both know how deeply I love them.