Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mommies On A Mission ~ Week 4

Months Postpartum: 7 1/2
Last Weeks Weight: 125
This Weeks Weight: 124
So I missed last week because we had this crazy flu bug hit our house and I was a walking Zombie from the lack of sleep!
But we are back this week:)
Even though the kiddos were sick, I still got some exercising done. 
Daddy was home sick also for a bit and he let me go for a couple of morning runs. AND I did a ton of yard work, which probably doesn't sound like much but I felt it for days!
Anyways, I am happy I am losing weight.  It is coming off slowly but surely.
I started following a new blog called Bikini Body Mommy.  She has a 90 day challenge going on and I think I may join in!  I can't believe what she has accomplished!  It is very encouraging:)
I will post my scores next week.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7 Things... About My Home birth Babies

Besides being born at home, my home birth babies have a few other things in common...

1. They hate their baths... Even the one born in the tub!
2. Cloth diapers give them the worst rashes.
3. They love falling asleep on Daddy.
4. They hate sleeping in a crib.
5. They play with my hair when they are sleepy or hurt.
6. They can't wait to catch up with their older brother and sister.
7. They came into this world in the most peaceful and natural way:)

If you haven't already, you can read their birth stories here and here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We've Been...

We've (the kids and hubby) been sick!  These last two weeks have been sleepless nights, high fevers, breathing treatments, double ear infections, nasty coughs and lots of snuggling.

BUT!!  There were a lot of other things going on too:)
Believe it or not, life goes on even when the family has the flu!

So we've been...
 Pulling ourselves up onto furniture (at 7 months!!)



Eating lots of fresh eggs


Having dirt road date nights with my man

Watching Peter Pan... Over and over

Getting ready for kindergarten

Doing some late night reading

Sick and pathetic:(

Doing yard work

Bonding with Sugar

Yes, life goes on... WAY too fast!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mommies On A Mission ~ Week 2

Weeks Postpartum: 32 (does that still count as postpartum???)
Last Weeks Weight: 127
This Weeks Weight: 125
So like I said last week, all I need to do is run/work out and I will lose weight... well guess what, that's what I did!!
I am pretty happy about that considering the week I had!  And the fact that I really only ran once and did 3 days of Jillian Michaels.
I realized this week how fast your body falls out of shape AND how fast it comes back!!
I haven't ran in over 3 months and I figured I would pay for that and not be able to run my usual 3 miles, but I did!  I ran all of it with the double jogger and baby:)  It kicked my but and wasn't as easy as 3 months ago, but I ran it all without stopping.  Our bodies are seriously amazing!
Oh, and the new Jillian Michael's DVD I have kicked my butt also... Every move I make is sore now, and I love it!
Lastly, last weekend was a tough one for me (emotionally spent).  So Daddy took the kids for the day and I "relaxed" in the only way a mommy can... I went grocery shopping by myself and made Mason Jar Salads for the week.  They are so yummy (even Daddy likes them) and they are awesome to just grab and eat when I am busy (which is pretty much all the time).
Don't forget to check in with Emily and Angela:)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

7 Things... Baby C Says

Two year olds are so stinkin' cute!
They think they are so grown up, yet they are trying to figure it all out.

When Baby C turned two, he started talking. He has his own little way of getting things across to us and while most of what he says is right on, he has a few words he had made up along the way that he is unwilling to change:)

I don't want to forget these words in 6 months... So here they are!!

1. Duby Duby, Dupe Dupe (chuga chuga, choo choo)
2. Cookie (thank you)
3. YaEe (Zane)
4. Sisses (Jaden)
5. Wa (water)
6. NaNa (all done)
7. Everything in a Brooklyn accent, hehe!

Here he is singing a lullaby to Sugar, our new bunny:)
I love this kid!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mommies On A Mission ~ Week 1 (Again)

So here we go again:)
Just like with blogging, losing weight has been on a break too!

But we are back at it!!
Joining me and Emily @ Don't Call Me Crunchy, is Angela @ The Harmon Baby Farm.
Angela is also a natural childbirther, who is just 6 weeks postpartum... And guess what? She had her baby in her car on the way to the birth center! You rock mama!

Back to Mommies On A Mission...
I am now 31 (yikes) weeks postpartum!! Where does the time go?? Squeaker is 7 months!
The last time I checked in with you all, I was 129lbs. Since then, I lost 4lbs and was down to 125, then I stopped running and the holidays came and I gained 2 lbs:(
So I am resetting at 127lbs.
To remind you and me, my goal is 115!

I WILL get there.


By not getting discouraged... I know how to loose weight, I need to run!!
So I am getting back at it.

I can't wait to check back in next week!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pinteresting ~ For Yammie

Just like most woman my age, I am addicted to Pinterest:)
I am always on there looking for new recipes and crafts.

So after pinning about 300 recipes and trying out a handful, I have found a few favorites.

This post is dedicated to my mom... Yammie:)
Whenever she is out my house watching the kids, we (usually) feed her.  And every time, she says "can you send me this recipe?".
And if you didn't gather from yesterday's post, I am a little tired and overwhelmed... so she doesn't get them sent to her!!

So here they are:)

Quinoa BBQ Salad


Sour Cream Blueberry Muffins

Veggie Enchiladas

Chipotle Guacamole


Don't forget to follow my while you are checking these out!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Getting Real

So again... I have been missing for a month!
I got to thinking about it this evening and I really have no reason other then I am exhausted!!

I have time to blog in the evening and (sometimes) at nap time. But honestly I am exhausted.

Being a mom of 4 young kids is not easy work.
It is:
2am feedings
5:30 wake up calls
Breakfast for a mini army
Cleaning, dressing and grooming everyone
2hrs & over 80 miles in the car for drop off/pick ups
A dozen or so diaper changes
Correcting, encouraging, teaching in everything we do
Attempting to keep my cool
Rocking, nursing, praying for nap time
Never ending cleaning, sweeping, picking up
Laundry and laundry
Kissing boo boos, wiping noses, breathing treatments
Entertaining and story time
Preparing lunch, snacks and treats
Discipline, time outs, frustration
Homework, puzzle making, swing pushing
Evening melt downs
Double recipe dinners
Assembly line baths
Snuggle rotations
And if I am lucky, a few minutes with Daddy before we both pass out.

Let me be clear... I am NOT complaining. I love staying home with my kids, we make a lot of sacrifices so that I can be the one to raise them. But it is an exhausting job. And the sleep deprivation and consistent mental and physical exertion is finally catching up to me!

So in my "free time", I try to recoup and reenergize for whatever is coming next. And even then my mind goes to the million worries and thoughts of the day.

But, I miss blogging. I remember it being therapeutic to look back on the day. Blogging brings out the good parts of our days and reminds me that there is a bigger picture. It also helps me remember our days... Yes, it's sad that I have to be reminded of our days. But honestly, our life is racing by in a blur lately!

So here I go again... No promises and no plans. Just a single statement.

I am going to blog again:)