Sunday, January 27, 2013

Getting Real

So again... I have been missing for a month!
I got to thinking about it this evening and I really have no reason other then I am exhausted!!

I have time to blog in the evening and (sometimes) at nap time. But honestly I am exhausted.

Being a mom of 4 young kids is not easy work.
It is:
2am feedings
5:30 wake up calls
Breakfast for a mini army
Cleaning, dressing and grooming everyone
2hrs & over 80 miles in the car for drop off/pick ups
A dozen or so diaper changes
Correcting, encouraging, teaching in everything we do
Attempting to keep my cool
Rocking, nursing, praying for nap time
Never ending cleaning, sweeping, picking up
Laundry and laundry
Kissing boo boos, wiping noses, breathing treatments
Entertaining and story time
Preparing lunch, snacks and treats
Discipline, time outs, frustration
Homework, puzzle making, swing pushing
Evening melt downs
Double recipe dinners
Assembly line baths
Snuggle rotations
And if I am lucky, a few minutes with Daddy before we both pass out.

Let me be clear... I am NOT complaining. I love staying home with my kids, we make a lot of sacrifices so that I can be the one to raise them. But it is an exhausting job. And the sleep deprivation and consistent mental and physical exertion is finally catching up to me!

So in my "free time", I try to recoup and reenergize for whatever is coming next. And even then my mind goes to the million worries and thoughts of the day.

But, I miss blogging. I remember it being therapeutic to look back on the day. Blogging brings out the good parts of our days and reminds me that there is a bigger picture. It also helps me remember our days... Yes, it's sad that I have to be reminded of our days. But honestly, our life is racing by in a blur lately!

So here I go again... No promises and no plans. Just a single statement.

I am going to blog again:)

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