Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mommies On A Mission ~ Week 4

Months Postpartum: 7 1/2
Last Weeks Weight: 125
This Weeks Weight: 124
So I missed last week because we had this crazy flu bug hit our house and I was a walking Zombie from the lack of sleep!
But we are back this week:)
Even though the kiddos were sick, I still got some exercising done. 
Daddy was home sick also for a bit and he let me go for a couple of morning runs. AND I did a ton of yard work, which probably doesn't sound like much but I felt it for days!
Anyways, I am happy I am losing weight.  It is coming off slowly but surely.
I started following a new blog called Bikini Body Mommy.  She has a 90 day challenge going on and I think I may join in!  I can't believe what she has accomplished!  It is very encouraging:)
I will post my scores next week.

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