Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Farm!

We have gone to this pumpkin farm since Bubba Love was one, and every year we have a blast!  This year we were lucky enough to get a pass from to save some money, which made it even better;)

All the kiddos... and then Buddy Boy!  He wanted to take a solo picture, then tried to act like he was too cool for school.  Silly boy.

Of coarse there was face painting.

This was super cute and the kids LOVED it.  They were each given a rubber ducky to put in the race tube and then had to use the old fashion hand pump to make it GO!

Oil drum horses.  They also had "roping" and Daddy was showing us his skills from high school days.

Baby goat that the kiddos got to feed.

Bubba Love trying to kiss the cow.  She is such an animal lover!  Sweet girl.

Baby C, he turned 11 months this day... where has the time gone?  Wish he would stay this way!!

The kids enjoyed this "tractor" ride.  Daddy got out of it since he was too tall to fit, so I got to ride by default.  It was bumpy.

Oh, and we can't forget the pumpkins... or the homemade fudge!

*Note- my camera sucks ans is acting up ALOT lately.  But rumor has it that I may be getting a new one soon!

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