Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where Has The Time Gone???

I spent my "free time" today putting all of our home videos on my computer. Then we all sat down to watch a few of them. They kids thought it was great and couldn't believe they were once SO small :) You know what, neither can I! Things that happened only a year ago, seem like forever ago. I seem to forget how much kids change in such a small amount of time, and when I see them everyday I forget to notice the small things.

A few things I remembered from the videos are...
- The unique squeals, whines and babbles that each of my kids use to make.
- Bubba Love has always been: A daddy's girl, a drama queen, an actress and the boss of her little brother.
- Buddy Boy has always: Held his ears when he is tired or sick, followed exactly what sissy does and been a very easy going kid.
- I use to be a little more patient with the kids and I need to get back to that.

This is what a year has done to my oldest two
December 2009

Hopefully I can begin to slow down and enjoy today because obviously it goes way to fast!

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