Monday, January 3, 2011

Rainy Day Blues

This weekend was really tough for us. It has been raining on and off for a while now and we are all getting a little restless in the house.
Right after Baby C was born I felt pretty accomplished because I was keeping my older two busy with park trips and playdate. When it was raining we would play puzzles all day, build with blocks, paint and play with play-doh. But this weekend sucked! I didn't have the patience to sit and play ALL day long.
I spent all Saturday morning trying to think of someplace to go or something to do without spending much or any money (we are on a tight budget since Daddy's work is slow right now). It was impossible, which made things even worse. I needed to get out of the house and so did the kids. Luckily Yammie called and wanted Bubba Love to spend the night, leaving us with just two kids. So me and Daddy divided and conquered:) I got the easy end of the stick, I got to sit and snuggle Baby C all night! Sunday was no better, and we spent the day watching movies.
Now I am sitting here on Monday morning with not much to do. Jaden goes back to preschool tomorrow and we have a playdate later in the week, but nothing today. I need to mix things up for my sake and for the kids, but I am not really sure what to do.
So I am looking and open for suggestions. What do you do on raining or cold days to pass the time??

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Mommy B said...

Thanks for stopping by :)

Hmmm.. ideas.. for indoors- drawing, crafts, making a fort in the living/dining room with blankets!

My son was easy going and didn't take much to entertain him, the baby well she's another story, 13 months, going on 3! ha

Im not sure if you have a theater near you, but you can call them and see if they have a mommy movie day for kids, here they have a specified day for a very discounted price for moms & kids

Hope that helps some!!