Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Sick Buddy Boy

Buddy Boy has always been our "sick" child.  From the day moment he was born he had issues breathing, and to this day I believe the antibiotics they prematurely put him on has made him susceptible to illness. 

First off, Buddy Boy has had chronic ear infections since 4 months old.  To date he has had over 20 ear infections in his short 30 months of life.  12 of those were before the age of 16 months.  We never put him on antibiotics (we used herbal remedies) in hopes that he would build up an immunity, but the infections just kept coming and the poor kid was ALWAYS sick.  
So last March, we met with a Ear Nose and Throat specialist who told us that Buddy Boy has stagnant fluid in his ear at all times, making him prone to infection.  Apparently it is genetic issue with males... makes sense since Daddy has chronic ear infections also!  We made the decision then, that we would have tubes put in his ears.  Surgery was scheduled, and the procedure was super fast and easy. 
During the next nine months, Buddy Boy had no ear infections... Yay!  In January, we routinely had his ears checked and discovered that both of the tubes had fallen out.  No more then a week later he had a massive ear infection and has had three more since...Ugh!  So off the Ear, Nose and Throat again!  Yesterday was our appointment and the doctor decided it would be best to put new tubes in and take his adenoids out, in hope that will elevate some pressure.  I am waiting on a phone call for the surgery date/time, but most likely it will be by the end of April.  I am hoping for healthy ears again!!

Second, Buddy Boy has "cold induced" asthma.  Which basically means whenever he gets sick in the simplest to the most extreme way, he has an asthma episode along with it.  Sounds great right???  Not only is his sick, but then he can't breath on top of that! 
He has had this since 6 months old.  It was never too bad, we would give him his nebulizer treatment and then he would be fine... but lately they have been week long episodes!  In January (around the ear infection time) he ended up in the ER and was admitted into the pediatrics at our local hospital.  After a two day stay, he was back to normal and sent home.  I learned a lot about asthma while we were at the hospital and have tried to help prevent it by replacing pillows, dusting and vacuuming more often and while Buddy Boy is gone, and we have taken him completely off dairy.  
I thought this was all working until yesterday.  I noticed him coughing (which is the first since of an episode), I gave him his inhaler and he seemed ok.  Until last night... the poor boy was wheezing, coughing and gasping all night.  The nebulizer seemed to take the edge off, but not too much.  I was worried we were headed to the hospital again, luckily this morning it is subsiding.  
I have heard from many people that the type of asthma his has, most kids grow out of by the age 5.  I sure hope so!  I would hate for him to have life long issues.  For now I am going to keep doing what I am doing and pray for the best outcome.

I love this boy more then life itself.  He is the sweetest little thing, with lots of spunk and determination!  It makes me sad when he is sick, but he is so brave and strong!

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