Monday, June 6, 2011

Storms in June?!?!

We live in California.

The state with long summers.

Apparently mother nature didn't get the memo that we Californians don't like the rain.

Because it has been raining for a LONG time now.

We are over it!!

On June first, we had a huge thunder storm and the kids thought it was awesome!  They sat by the back door listening to the big booms and (trying) to watch the lighting.

Bubba Loves face... she is so dramatic!

The clouds were darker in person.

I couldn't keep them inside, they wanted to be where the action was.

My first video post!!  We had a lot of fun watching the storm. 

But seriously, we would have more fun if it was sunny and we could play outside!!!

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Cassie said...

Just found your blog, you have such a beautiful family!

I am loving looking through your archives and I am excited to follow!