Monday, December 12, 2011

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday!
We started the day off by going out to breakfast.  Then headed to a local farm to pick out and cut our Christmas tree.  The kids have been so excited to get a tree, yet when we got there they seem to want to fight more then focus.  Despite the bickering we all had fun and ended up all agreeing on a tree.


Baby C found a "his size" tree

Cutting it down

Trying to get a picture of the three... pretty much impossible these days!

Off we went.

We then headed home to set up the tree.  After getting it in the stand and watered, Daddy and the older kids wanted to go outside to play.  Fine by me... Baby C and I napped:)

Usually on any occasion (b-day, Christmas, anniversary, ect) I don't expect much in gift form.  Mainly because if I want something I typically go buy it, but also because I like spending money on our house/property instead of myself!  But Daddy surprised me in the morning with a few small gifts... and then in the afternoon with a big one!  He took me (and everyone else) shopping for a new camera. 

I love my new camera:)  I feel slightly bad, because I have been neglecting my kids today while I play with it... oh well.

We finished the night up with a little Cold Stone Creamery.  Yum! 

There were a million other little moments that made this day awesome also.  It was truly the best birthday I have had in a long time!

BTW... It was my 25th!


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