Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tea Party Birthday

Bubba Love turned 4 this week, and in celebration we had a girls only Tea Party. She had 10 little friends over and they spent their time making jewelry and chatting over lunch and tea. It was such a beautiful morning, we were blessed that the sun was out and the rain held off until 30min after the party! It was so much fun to watch these girls dress up and be the girly girls they were born to be.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!


Kelly H. said...

Lovely blog! Hope you will follow back...

Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain said...

Such a sweet party idea! We are planning a Dora party for my almost 2 year old on Saturday... She is love with that little Mexican.

I'm super jealous. We just got a ton of slush dumped on us, so I could use some 70° weather! (And a glass of wine...)

sophieandmomma said...

Very VERY CUTE! I love this!

I'm coming in from the Monday Mom blog hop! :)
would love it if you checked out my site too, I'm a mom with a little girl--she is almost ready for her 1st birthday! least 4 months away.