Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why We Choose Homebirth

Usually when I tell people I had a home birth, those who don't know me are taken back a bit. After they finally catch their breath again, the first two things I hear are; "wow, you are really brave" and "why did you decide to birth at home?"

My answer is... NO, you are brave for birthing at a hospital! And this is why.

~ Home is the safest place for my babies to be born.

~ At home I am in control of my surroundings, body and birth experience.

~ Birth is a natural process, and I am confident in my ability to bring life into this world.

~ My risk of unnecessary interventions and c-section are dramatically lower.

~ No one touches your baby except you.

~ I was provided better and more personal care with one provider from beginning to end.

~ Home is comfortable and familiar.

~ You can eat and drink as you please.

~ Nurses aren't bothering you all hours of the day and night.

~ There is no pressure to waiver from your beliefs.

~ Siblings are welcome to attend.

~My list could go on and on!!

The last thing I say on my "defense" is...

"Why did you choose to birth in a hospital??"

My wish is that woman put in as much thought about birthing in a hospital as I did about birthing at home. Maybe they would see that home doesn't sound so scary after all.


Dusti said...

I can't wait to give birth to #3 at home! :)

Looking forward to reading more of your blog! <3

Melissa said...

I like this post. I think most women just follow the hospital and doctors, because that's all they know. I did. Didn't know anything else, so followed what I was told. It was cold and clinical in there. At my second birth, I had no epidural and the doctor didn't even show up until the baby was on her way out. I had pretty much done everything. It seemed like my body just knew what to do, and took over for me. I had no idea, because my first one was induced. Anyway, I like what you do. I'm close to Sac, in El Dorado Hills! First blogger I've seen so close to me. I found you at Mom Blog Monday.