Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

My good friend has school tonight but didn't want to miss out on the fun, so we celebrated St. Patrick's day with her and her family yesterday.

We started off the evening with a little story time, reading and learning about St. Patrick. The kids seemed to enjoy the story, but were ready for the fun stuff!

After story time, we made our own paper bag leprechaun puppets. This is the one that me and Buddy Boy made. It was the best looking one, thanks so Mama:)

After making puppets, we found the first clue that the leprechaun left us for our treasure hunt. The hunt led us all over the house, finally finishing at a pot of "gold" (which were chocolate coins). This was the best part for the kiddos, they loved running around the house looking for the clues. This morning Bubba Love informed me that she knew there was no such thing as leprechauns and that I really hid all that stuff. I laughed and said "really??" which she replied "yeah, right????" Haha! I love it!

Last on our St. Patty's agenda was rainbow making. Being that we are an organics only household, Froot Loops are NEVER allowed. But I made an exception for this really cute project and over all the kids were pretty good at keeping the cereal on their paper and not in their mouths! This was such a fun activity and there was little to explain, the girls knew exactly what to do and got it done.

We ended the evening with some corned beef, potatoes and dill bread (oh, and some beer & whiskey, yummm).
Then let the kids play for a few hours until they could no longer keep their eyes open.
It was hard to get the kids up this morning for preschool, but we did. Bubba Love wore her best green dress and enjoyed a party at school with her friends:)

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