Monday, July 16, 2012

How Things Have Changed

I had my 2 week postpartum visit with my midwife this week.  She commented on how great I look and how this fourth baby seems to have set me into my groove. 
I think her exact words were "you have surrendered to motherhood".

While driving home, it dawned on me that she is right!
You would think I would have surrendered earlier, but I remember just 3 weeks ago being at my wits ends with my kids at the end of the day... on a good day!

Since Squeak (Baby #4) joined our family, I have been much more relaxed and content with life.
I no longer feel a rush to do something or be somewhere. 
I am happy that our calender is empty and we can spend our days at home.
I have been much more patient with the kids.
And I don't feel as overwhelmed.

We are back into homeschooling (for the summer at least).  We sat down for circle time the other day and the calender said March 17th!!  Apparently I was over homeschooling:)
We are painting, playing with playdoh, rolling in the mud and getting all around messy and dirty!
We are back on a schedule.  And I have managed to get all the kids to nap at the same time several times!

It's not just me either... I see a huge difference in Daddy also!
Our family is complete and we are settling in.

I know that there is a baby moon phase after having a new one join the family, but I really hope things stay this way.  It makes life more fun and enjoyable!


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Maria @ Life on M Avenue said...

that's awesome!! good for you. guess i better get started on #4.. I could use some extra patience this week. :)