Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Last Month

I am a bit behind in blogging (I wonder why!)
So I thought I would catch up with one BIG post about our activities this last month!

4th Of July!
This was our first outing with all 4 kids:)  Squeak was 9 days old and oh so tiny!
My Facebook post that day was:
Things I have learned this morning: It takes forever to get 4 kids ready to leave, I need a bigger vehicle, Lake boys are accidents waiting to happen, and I love the craziness of having a big family;)
And looking back, it is still all true!

We went with friends to a small town parade, where the kids were showered with candy and attention

We BBQed at friends and then headed home for fireworks with Yammie & Baba

Day at the lake
My parents went camping at a lake about 30 min from our house, so the kids and I packed up and visited them for the day (Daddy came after work).  The kids LOVED so much that they convinced Yammie to take them camping this last weekend!

Corn Festival
We went to a local corn festival... there wasn't too much for the kids to do, except this giant slide!

Playing @ Home
We have been spending 90% of our time at home the last few weeks. 
Last week we got bored and I got the paint out for the kids!

Also, we have been doing lots of snuggling.

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♥ Shar said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop!

You have a beautiful family! :) Have a great week!

xoxo ♥ Shar