Monday, May 23, 2011

6 Months

Time has gone by WAY to fast!  Baby C is 6 months old... I really cannot believe it.

He is strictly a boob kind of baby, but we decided to try him on some solids since I am beginning to attend births again.  I have plenty of milk in the freezer, but thought he may stay happier if he has something else too.  He was not to fond of the rice cereal we made, but none of my kids liked that stuff!

Being the 3rd kid, this poor boy hardly ever gets a bath!  I know, I know... I am a crappy mom for never bathing my baby!  But when he does get a bath, he is so happy.

Solid food attempt #2... sweet potatoes.  He liked them, but not really.  He likes the boob and may just stick with that for a while.

Messy, but all smiles.  He is such a happy boy.

He is also rolling EVERYWHERE!  I forgot how much more cleaning has to be done when there is a mobile baby. 

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