Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farm Fresh Strawberries

Yesterday we went to a local (and by local I mean 10min down the road) farm.  They are famous for the sweet corn, but since its not that season yet, they are open to pick your own strawberries.  We go to this farm all the time, but have never taken the time to pick.  Since we had nothing going on and Yammie just finished teaching for the year, we decided it was time to take her on a field trip!

This cost us absolutely nothing, we just had to pay for the berries we picked!  They gave the kids each a basket and a pair of scissors and sent us on our way.  They got the hang of it real fast and were running around trying to find the biggest and reddest berries.

The kids with their finds!  We sat and ate a few, while teaching Baby C how to sit up.  He is officially sitting now, unassisted for a few minutes... then he is not sure what to do so he just flops over.

While there, we also picked up some cherries, potatoes, onions, peas and asparagus.
We ate very well last night.

We finished off the evening with homemade strawberry shortcake.  Yummy!


Anonymous said...

Yum! I cannot wait for it to be picking season here too. We love going to pick your own farms with our girls. Last year my youngest was too little to participate but now she can help too so I think the experience will be a whole new and exciting adventure. Cannot wait!

jdm2551 said...

Your kids are adorable and that strawberry shortcake looks YUM! I am your newest follower from The Green Mama Blog Hop! I'd love for you to come follow my new blog!

Sarah Hull said...

That looks like such a fun day and those strawberries look sooo yummy! That reminds me that I should visit some "pick-you-own" farms that we have nearby!

Thanks so much for following me from the Green Mom Blog Hop! I'm following you back now and am looking forward to reading your blog :)

Have a wonderful day!
The Little Hedgehog

May said...

Adorable kids you have there.Am your newest follower from the hop,hope you visit me back and i look forward in being part of your blog.check out my current giveaway i bet your kids will really love it.Thanks.