Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 Buddy Boy had his surgery today.  We woke up and packed up at 4am this morning to head out to the hospital.  Let me tell you, I was tired... but the boys were wide awake and ready to play!  

Here is Buddy Boy getting ready to head into the OR.  He is showing me his wrist band, that he told me isn't for his surgery... it is so he can get into the bounce house later!  Poor kid had no clue! 

Killing time by taking pictures... we have about 263 of my foot :)
As you can see, he was not happy waiting around.

The surgery went great.  It took him a while to come out of anesthesia, as expected.  They ended up taking his adenoids out also since they were enlarged and causing fluid back-up.

Doctors orders were lots of rest with cold and soft foods. 
This is Buddy Boy after he woke up when we got home.  He is getting royally spoiled today!  He is watching TV and playing on the iphone at the same time... two things that he usually doesn't get to do.  Also, can you see his black mustache??? Yay, that is chocolate vegan pudding!

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Farm Fresh Decor said...

Glad to hear it went so well! I still remember having mine out & I was only 5 :) I've been worried that my 9 year old might have to have it done as well. Not looking forward to it!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy to follow back :)