Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spontaneous Beach Trip

Daddy had to make a spontaneous trip to the Bay Area today for a few Jeep parts.  So we decided to make a family trip of it!  We packed up, hit the road and enjoyed a quiet (yes, quiet!) drive to "The City".

Buddy Boy eating his snack... 5 min after we left!  This boy can eat.

Bubba Love snuggling her Snuggle Bear.  She has had him since she was a baby.

While it was warm when we left our house, it was FREEZING at the beach.  But the kids didn't care, they were busy finding sea shells and playing tag with the waves.

Baby C was a trooper.  He hates the wind, but he was all smiles despite the cold.

Me & Daddy... we never get pictures together, so this is a keeper!

Tagging the cold water.


She is starting a collection.

Buddy Boy's first trip to the beach and he didn't want to leave!  With his bleach blonde hair, he fit in with all the surfers.  I think he may become a beach bum like his mama.

On our walk back Daddy found a whole sand dollar!  Definitely a keeper for Bubba Love's collection.

We had such a fun day!  No plan and no worries, it made for a relaxing trip.  On the way home, we talked about all the places we want to go this summer.  I see lots of weekend trips and camping in our future!!

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Shana said...

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