Tuesday, May 17, 2011

7 Things... About Bed Sharing & Co-Sleeping

Having my babies sleep with me was never a question.  It seemed like the natural thing to do.  Before Bubba Love was born, I had a few reasons why I wanted to bed share/co-sleep.  The main reason was that I just wanted to have my baby close to me.  But when she was born and began sleeping with us, I realized there are far more reasons to sleep with your babies.

Having your baby skin to skin (or pretty close to) helps promote milk production.

Babies who are close to their mama, thrive better because they have unlimited access to on demand feeding.

Your closeness to the baby promotes rhythmical breathing, which is believed to reduce SIDS.

Bed sharing promotes bonding, which promotes higher self-esteem, which promotes independence.
(YES!, "babying" your baby makes them more independent)

Survival.  You and your baby get more productive sleep.

You naturally sync your sleeping patterns with your baby, waking around the same time for nursing but neither coming to full consciousness.

Sweet snuggles, smiles and kisses when you open your eyes in the morning.

Baby C & Daddy... what I wake up to every morning!

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