Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Homeschool Happenings

Over the last week, the kids and I have been busy making new creations for our homeschool days.
I was busy making... they were busy enjoying!

For Bubba Love:
Put into sheet protectors.
If you use a dry erase marker, these just wipe clean.
No more printing and no more buying extra worksheets.
We can use these over and over!

For both the older kiddos:
We found these print outs at Confession of a Homeschooler also.
We have lowercase letters, uppercase letters and 1-10.
I added in the site words so they can start to recognize them.
And we did every one's name and our last name:)

For Buddy Boy:
Bead number sorting.
If you can't tell, there are numbers in each of the ice sections and I have exactly the right number of beads in the ziploc.
So he sits and counts them out ~ it's a perfect 3 year old activity!

You can see credits for all of these and lots of other ideas on my homeshool pinterest board!
While there, make sure you follow me.

Have I shown you all our homeschool "room"?
It is actually in Bubba Love's room.
Since we are a family of 5 (almost 6) and we only have 3 bedrooms, we have to use rooms for multi functions.
She doesn't mind though, in fact she loves to get her room cleaned for school time every morning.

This is our desk and work area.
We are currently working on a character builders study.
First we learned about diligence and now it is on our character builders tree.
We are currently working on gentleness, which we are spending a lot of time on!

Lastly, Daddy saw an ad for on Sunday.
He checked it out and got us a free month trial.
So far the kids are really liking it.  They have never used the computer before so just learning how everything works was a great lesson.  Now they get 20 minutes a day IF their chores are done and they have been practicing gentleness.
It has been a great educational tool and motivation for the kids!

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