Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pregnancy Update ~ 21 Weeks

This pregnancy is flying by!
I can't believe we are already over half way there.  It seems like we just found out.

I had a midwife appointment at the beginning of February and all went well.
Since the last time I had a baby, my midwife has hired on another midwife and an assistant.  So I was able to meet them both and spend some time getting to know them.

Later that week, we had our 20 week ultrasound to see how baby was growing and make sure baby was looking healthy.  All looked great:)
We did NOT find out the sex and we do not plan to.
We didn't find out with Baby C and it was awesome to wait for the suprise!
Here is my reason why...
We didn't put an identity on our baby before he was born.
Even just a name puts an identity on a child and we realized after Baby C, that getting to know a baby before naming him/her is the way we want to do it.  So we have not and will not be thinking of names:)  Also, the older kids both want a different sex... Bubba Love a girl, Buddy Boy a boy.  But if they don't know all along and just get to meet and hold the baby before we revele to them the sex, there won't be disappointment... just excitement and joy for a new baby!  Beside, there is just an added emotional response during the birth, one that I can't even explain, I just know I want to feel it again!

Ready for some pics?

Cute baby, right?

Here is my 21 week photo, taken today.
I was bumming it while cleaning the house, so excuse the PJ's!


Kelly-Marie said...

Woop congrats on baby number 4!
I'm just checking out your blog, you homeschool that is cool and interesting :)

Kelly x

Johnpaul said...

Congrats! Kids are a lot of fun! Enjoy this special time. It all goes by so fast! My oldest is 10!! Pregnancy Week by Week