Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Busy Week!

I have been MIA from the blog this week.
That's because we have been BUSY!

We had a Valentines playdate to attend, so we woke up early to get together our treats.
Although we usually don't have candy in the house, I made an exception because the kids were able to do this all on their own.
Opening the Hugs

All ready to assemble.


Just being cute!

Melted the Hugs in the oven and then pressed in the M&M's

Packing up the goody bags.

We also made sugar cookies this morning to take for decorating at the playdate.
We had SO much fun this day, we ended up meeting some new friend and spent 4 hours there.
The kids passed out on the way home, woke up for dinner and then back to bed.

Tuesday (V-Day)
Daddy was off to work early, so the kids and I spent the day just loving on each other.
We started off the morning with waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.

Did a little school work, then took a trip to the Dollar store for school supplies (I can't wait to share what we have been working on!)
The kids were begging me to take them out to lunch, so I gave in and we got a sandwich and apples to share.
Then a surprise trip to the park!  Which was definitely the highlight of the day.
Baby C learned to climb up the structure and then slide down the slide...

Home we came for naps.  And again the kids woke up to eat and then were back to bed.
Tired babes!

Was our first day with our new chore chart. 

The kids were given their chore chart on V-Day, but we didn't have time to work on them.  So today we did!
I got the idea and print out from Confessions of a Homeschooler... she has such amazing ideas, I love her blog.
Anyways, the kids did great.  They are very excited to have goals for the day and enjoy helping the family.  We have been at it for a few days now and I haven't had to ask them to do anything.  They wake up and know what to take care of by looking at the chart.  Simply Amazing!

We spent the rest of the day doing school and lots of reading... As I stated before, we had a busy couple days and this was our recharge day.

In the evening, Daddy and I got to go on a date!  We had a fast dinner of sushi and then had a parent info night at a charter school we were potentially going to use.  After the meeting we decided we don't think that particular one is for us, BUT it gave us lots of good information on what we ARE looking for:)  We have a few more months before we have to make a decision, so until then we are doing more research and lots of praying for guidance as to what is best for our family's homeschool needs.

Every other week we have a chiropractor appointment for Buddy Boy.  We were going 3x a week for a month and then once a week and now every two weeks. 
He is doing SO much better!
  Since we started our alternative treatments with him, Buddy Boy has had one asthma attack/cold in late January.  BUT the asthma attack was mild and lasted less then 12 hours (which is crazy considering before he was having severe attacks for 24 hours and then mild for up to 4 days).  Then his cold lasted 2 days (also crazy, because before IF we could get him better it would take 2 weeks!) Since then he has been healthy, so here is to hoping we are finding a good solution for him.

Our appointment was at 8:30, so we skipped breakfast and went in for a quick adjustment.
Then we went to a local diner (which was featured on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives) for banana cinnamon pancakes and hot-cocoa. 
~Eating out like this is not normal, but we had other things to do in town and I was killing time~
Still having more time to kill, we vacuumed out the mini-van and went through the car wash (always exciting)
Finally, it was storytime!
We go weekly to storytime at the library.  While the kids are participating, I usually look around.  But I do most of our library lending online and they have it ready for me to pick up when I get there:)
Home for lunch.
Then we picked up Yammie and headed to Goodwill for some thrifting.  I found Bubba Love a new dress AND a new doll house!  Her old doll house was broken and we promised her she would get a new one for her b-day... but for $4, I couldn't resist!
Did a Costco run and then headed back to Yammie's for dinner since Daddy was working late.
Kids were asleep on the way home.

We tried a playgroup that was run by a local town and while the kids enjoyed it, Bubba Love & Buddy Boy were the oldest there.  So I am not sure if we will be going back.
Then we came home to play and do some yard work.  Of course the kids had to play in the water!

Beautiful day!

It has been a busy week.  With lots of school work that I haven't even mentioned!  That will be a later post:) 
 We are so blessed and I am really loving were we are right now in our lives.  It is crazy at times, but these moments are amazing and I know I will cherish them forever!

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