Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update On Buddy Boy's Health

After Buddy Boy's surgery in May, he continued to have issues.  Not quite the same issues, but still Ear Nose & Throat issues.  He started snoring a lot and holding his breath in his sleep.
He also continued to have his monthly asthma episodes that landed him in the hospital 2 times this year!

So in November, he went in for another surgery.  This time to get his tonsils removed.  The ENT doctor said that this would help with everything and we would see an immediate difference.
Well after the surgery and recovery, you know what we saw??  NO change.  In fact he got sick 10 days after surgery and didn't get better until almost a month later.  So the ENT sent us off the an allergist and respiratory specialist. 

Specialist my a**... ok wait, I am getting ahead of myself!

We made the appointment to see the specialist and were told to plan to be there for at least three hours to do the allergy testing and to go over a plan of action.
We got there and the doctor spent about 5 min with us, just asking questions and ignoring what I was telling him.  If it wasn't in the chart, then he didn't care to hear about it.  Awesome.
Then in comes the nurse and she does the "prick" allergy testing for the top 10 food allergies along with the normal airborne allergies.  Everything came back negative.
So without anymore discussion, the doctor returns with his pad of prescriptions.  He gives us 5.
He goes and the nurse comes back to explain how to use all 5 of these.

I head home with a yucky feeling.  I was trying to process the whole thing, but the appointment went a completely different direction then I thought it was going and I was completely lost.

So we got the prescriptions and then came the jaw dropping reality of what this doctor was doing.
He was pushing pills onto my 3 year old without really having any reason to!
I did some research and out of the 5... two prescriptions were the same thing, just different brands. One he was not old enough to take.  And one was an allergy med, but we just ruled out all the allergies.

Needless to say, I was MAD.
And completely lost as to what to do.  I thought he would have answers. 
Now what??

I slept on it for a night and woke up to an epiphany if you will.
  My question to myself was... If I don't take the kids or myself to the doctor for anything (including childbirth), why am I taking Buddy Boy to the doctor for these issues?
Are they too big for alternative medicine to fix?
Why haven't I given them a try?

In the trash the prescriptions went and off to the natural food store we headed.
We loaded up on what my kids should have been on anyways.
Daily Vitamin
Vit-D3(helps with asthma)

Then off we went to the chiropractor.  He has been amazing with Buddy Boy!  We have been seeing him 3 times a week until he is comfortable with Buddy Boy's progress and then we will see him routinely.

This all happened two weeks ago and you know what.  Buddy Boy is doing the BEST he has done in a long time.  He is sleeping better and is in a better mood (most of the time).
He also was headed into an asthma episode the first time we saw the chiropractor but it never kicked in!
He has yet to get the cold that the entire family currently has... which is almost unheard of!  He is the one that get sick while the rest of us are well.

It hasn't been long enough to say that this is the fix.  But I am hopeful that this is the start of a healthy boy.  I feel bad for putting him through what he has gone through so far, but I am glad I was finally pushed to the edge and looked for an alternative.

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