Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bubba Love's Birth

This is the birth story of my first born... Bubba Love :)  This was written 4 days after her birth, and while I have since processed this birth further, I thought it would be fun to post how I originally felt.
Maybe in the future I will rewrite it, or add an "addendum" to it.  But for now.... Enjoy the fast, raw, proud and young version:
Friday March 9th started out like every Friday, I had to go to the hospital for anapartom testing. While there we did an ultra sound to check fluid levels, and come to find out they were extremely low! I was immediately taken to labor and delivery; they said she needed to come out right away. My worst fear had come true, I had to be induced!
They started me on pitocin around 12:00 noon, I slowly started going into labor but 12hrs later at midnight I had only dilated one centimeter more and I was exhausted! They decided to take me off the pitocin for a few hours to get some well needed rest. Well no rest for me because my body continued on in early labor all night long. By 6am my Dr said I needed to get back on the pitocin, this time things progressed.   My Dr came in around 8:30am to check me I was 3cm and we decided it was time to break my water. 30min after my water was broken my Dr said I could be taken off pitocin to see if my body would continue naturally. IT DID, and I kicked right into active labor!
By 9:30 I was completely off pitocin and they took me off the IV and the monitors, I was free to walk and use positive positioning. After about 10:00 everything is kind of a blur, I completely went inside myself. I remember taking a shower and walking, but not much else. I was in pretty intense labor, I went from 3cm to 10cm in less then 2½ hours. At around 11:45 I started to feel the urge to push, they had not checked me since my water had been broken so the nurse kept telling me not to push (that was the worst part). It hurt too much to lie down so she had to check me standing up, once she checked me all she said was go ahead and push. I pushed for 45 minutes and my Dr let me “deliver” her, I was able to reach down and grab her as she was coming out, my Dr didn’t even touch her. It was so amazing!
Bubba Love was born March 10th 2007 at 12:45pm, 5lb 3.5oz & 18in long.

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