Friday, January 20, 2012

Disneyland ~ Day 1

As I mentioned before, we told the kiddos on Christmas morning that we were headed to Disneyland.  We left Baby C at my parents, and after a few hours of sleep we headed out on the 6 hour drive.

We arrived at Disneyland a few hours before it opened so we stopped at a fast food place to use the bathroom, brush teeth and get dressed.  By then we were ready to park and go in.   

We hadn't told the kids until then... we were having breakfast with Minnie Mouse and her friends!
Oh the excitement and disbelief!
The lady I made the breakfast reservation with told me that because our reservation was for 8am and the park opened at 8am, we could get into the park 15min early to make it there in time.  Which was awesome, because nobody else seem to know about this... we were the first ones there and the only ones there for about 15min.  The kids had all the characters, all to themselves!

They had such and amazing time!
Bubba Love was petrified of Captain Hook, so her and Rafiki hid under the table and played.
Buddy Boy was happy to see everyone.  But he is our little eater and once our food came out, he got down to business:)

Next we headed out to the Teacups and to It's A Small World
Both rides were on the kids top priorities:)
We even got Daddy to smile!

Surprisingly for the time of the year (holiday), this day was not that crowded.   It took us no time to get onto the Teacups and only a 5 minute wait for Small World. 
Next we walked over to ToonTown for some play/discovery time.

Daddy & the kids also road on the roller coaster in ToonTown, while preggo Mama watched.  Bubba Love had a blast, Buddy Boy cried the whole time.

Of course we had to meet Mickey Mouse

At this point, I put my camera away.  As much as I wanted all the memories, I also wanted to be apart of them:)

After meeting Mickey we:
 Rode the Dumbo ride
Had lunch in New Orleans Square
Explored at Pirate's Island
Rode the Winnie the Pooh ride
Back to ToonTown for the Rodger Rabbit car ride
And finished the day off at the Buzz Lightyear ride

Between the traveling and the excitement of the day, we were all exhausted.  We checked into our hotel, which was not exactly what we thought it would be... but the kids thought it was beyond cool. We skipped dinner, and went to bed early.

It was a nice beginning to a week long trip:)

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