Monday, January 30, 2012

Does It Ever End?!?!

Home improvements that is!

3 years ago this month, we bought our house.  It is a small house on 10 acres that needed ALOT of work.  The home was foreclosed on, and the previous homeowners completely gutted the whole house.  (Thank God for that, I have seen pictures of what it once looked like and I would have gutted the house myself!)

We didn't move in for the first month because Daddy was remodeling.  He took down a few walls to open up the living area. He put in the kitchen and one bathroom.  Painted, carpet, ect.
When we moved in, it was livable... but far from done.
And it is still far from done.

"We" (Daddy) have been recently working on finishing the bathroom I mentioned earlier.  While it was a functioning bathroom, the shower still needed to be tiled and we still needed trim.  Daddy literally was putting the finishing touches on his beautiful tile work (I will post later), sat down on the toilet to admire his work and..... crack!  The toilet split!!!


We have one of the rare wall hung toilets... kind of like you see at most stores, but for residential.  So it literally cracked off the wall.  Which really sucks, because these type of toilets are very rare in the US and cost ALOT to buy.

*I have to note, that Daddy is far from being a "large" person.  This really had nothing to do with weight, it must have just been getting old and worn out*

So anyways, it seem that every time we are completing a project, another one arises.
Will we ever catch up??
There is still so much work to do before the house in finished.
Not to mention the 10 acres that needs a lot of work also :/

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Moe said...

I hope you post pictures when it is complete!