Monday, January 23, 2012

Disneyland ~ Day 3

Day 3 was an interesting day to say the least.  The lack of sleep and big doses of excitement finally caught up to us.

We got up early again but instead of taking the bus, we drove.  We didn't want to get stuck again and felt a little more freedom with having our own vehicle there!

Knowing that the morning was the best time to hit up the rides,
we ran to Fantasyland
rode the teacups again
rode Pinocchio
and finally the Snow White ride.
This took us all of 45min!

Then we waited in line to meet the princesses.

Both of the kids were in heaven.
Bubba Love was able to meet Ariel... her favorite!
Buddy Boy was speechless, but who wouldn't be with beautiful princesses around??
When they asked him his name, he politely said... "I forget"

That ended our morning at Disneyland and we headed back over to California Adventure.
*I wanted to make a note, that even though it was outrageously crowded, no one seemed to want to ride the buggies or cars that travel up and down Main St.  We however rode everytime!  It was nice to rest our feet and much faster.

This is where things started to go downhill and everything finally caught up to us all.
We made it to California Adventure and we had a plan... pick up a few fast passes!
If you will recall from our Day 2 adventures, we got a totally of 3 different sets of fastpasses within 30 minutes. 
Apparently this is not normal. 
Because when Daddy went to go grab us fast passes for multiple rides, he was surprised to find out that there is a one fastpass limit for a certain stretch of hours.  So basically we could only get one set every 2 or 3 hours. 
So our plans went down the drain. 
It was way to busy to try to stand in line, so we played in the Wilderness Explorer area for a bit until our lunch reservations came around.

The kids enjoyed this because they were able to run around and get some energy out.
I enjoyed reading about California... even though I grew up here, its fun to see what others learn about our great state!
And you know what they learn???  They we can't spell!!  Yup, that's right.
There was an area about Big Sur... or Big Sir as they put it!
Really Disney?  Haha.. I wonder how many people notice?

Most of the wilderness area is just discovery, but there are two main activities.  The rock wall and the zip line.  I figured that they wouldn't be tall enough to go on the zip line, so we skipped that and went to the rock wall.  Well apparently they are too short for that too.  Que meltdowns!

We scooped the kids up and carried them off to our lunch at the Blue Bayou.. back in Disneyland!
We hadn't thought this day through very well apparently.
We waited and waited, even though we had reservations, with whiny and hungry kids.
When we finally sat down, we had the worst service ever and even though the food was pretty good it was way over priced (even for Disneyland).
We left irritated and exhausted... it was only 1.
Without even talking about it, we both headed back to to the car.  We all needed a nap.

We did nap, for 4 hours!
Before our nap, we had every intention of going back at some point.  But after our nap, it was getting dark and we had no motivation.
I had a complete meltdown... I mostly just missed Baby C, but in the moment I also felt like our trip was a complete fail.
I was ready to pack up and leave right then.  I had even texted my mom (who had Baby C) that we would be home that night.
Luckily, Daddy knows me well enough to just ignore me and move on with plans! 
He took us downstairs to the hotel "restaurant", where he got food and the kids snacked on applesauce and granola bars.  They had a radio playing and since no one else was there, we let the kids go crazy and dance. 
Things seemed to be looking up, so to be on the safe side we called it and early night and headed to bed again.


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