Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bubba Love the Cheerleader

Over the summer, Bubba Love started her first year of cheerleading!
She did great and LOVED it.  I think the best part about it (for her), was the girliness of it all.  I personally am not very girly, so it was awesome for her to be apart of something with bows, dress-up and girlfriends:)

Believe it or not, it was a really big time commitment.  I had no clue when I signed up that she would be practicing 3 days a week for up to 2 hours!  She had games every Saturday, a weekend long cheer camp and a cheer competition.

Here she is... at her very first day of her very first cheer camp.

Their first game, cheering on the boys as they came onto the field.

During the National Anthem

My sweet baby girl.

In "ready position" (or as well as a four year old can)


She was always trying so hard to get it right, that she would forget to smile!
So serious.

This particular week, she received the "spirit stick" for being the most spirited cheerleader.
Man was she proud... you can see it in her smile!

Cheese ;)

It was a really fun cheer season.  I wish I would have blogged about it then, because I am sure I would have some stories to tell... to bad I can't remember them!  That is why I need to keep up with these things, I feel like the days are flying by.

I am sure there will be many more years of cheer in our future!

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