Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chirstmas Morning

This year for Christmas, we went small... kind of.  Small in the sense that the kids only got a book, movie, and one piece of clothing to unwrap.
They were pretty excited:)

Well, you know how I said kind of... What I meant was not really at all!
Their main present this year was a trip to DISNEYLAND!

We told them we were going while watching the Disneyland Parade, and I have it video taped... but I can't seem to upload it right now:(
So I will just say that it took them a minute to figure out what we were saying, and then they were speechless.
I thought they would be screaming and jumping up and down, but regardless I knew they were excited.  They have been talking about wanting to go for the last few months.

So we finished up our Christmas festivities with Yammie and Baba & with Aunties and Uncle.
Then got a few hours of sleep, woke up at midnight and headed down to the most magical place on earth:)

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