Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sad Day

For the last week, I have been following the story of a local homebirthing family.

Little Evan was playing at a park last week, when he fell from a ladder.  Long story short, his heart stopped and he had brain damage.  He has been fighting for his life ever since.  This morning when I logged onto Facebook, this is what I saw...

"Our baby grew his angel wings and flew up to heaven this morning. ♥"
My heart breaks for this family.
I can't even imagine the pain they are going through!
All I know to do is hold my babies tight, kiss them lots and enjoy every moment with them.
Today Buddy Boy woke up in the middle of his nap wanting to snuggle.  Usually I dismiss him because I have dishes to do or laundry to load, but today we snuggled. 
It is hard to remember this when the days get hectic and redundant.  But...
Life is so short and every day is precious.  Savor it.

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