Sunday, January 22, 2012

Disneyland ~ Day 2

Day 2 was officially our marathon day!
We got up early and had breakfast at the hotel, then caught the hotel transit to Disneyland.

We got there right as Disneyland opened and we got to business:
 We headed to StarTours to get a fastpass.
I waited in line with the kids at Pirates of the Caribbean
while Daddy got a fastpass at Splash Mt.
We rode on Pirates... which was EVERYONE'S favorite!
Picked up a fastpass for Autopia.
Coffee and cookie break.
Then Daddy & the kids rode Splash Mt.

They all look scared here, but the kids said they liked it and wanted to go again:)

Off to Autopia 

Followed by StarTours, which the kids again seemed scared but wanted to go again!

We grabbed the worlds best corn dogs from the "red truck" on Main St.
Then headed over to California Adventure for everyone's very first visit!
We walked around a bit, just absorbing it.  It is pretty awesome:)

Our first ride was the Ariel ride
Then Jumping Jellyfish
Got some Mickey Ears

And on our way to the Toy Story ride we ran into...

And got to meet Buzz Lightyear!

Pretended we were toys

And waited in a 90 minute line to ride the funniest ride in California Adventure... Toy Story!

We then took a potty break
Rode King Triton's carousal
And should have called it a day... but we didn't

It was getting dark and late, so we decided to go find dinner. 
On our way, we stopped at
The Sourdough Bakery to take a tour
Monsters Inc
Buddy Boy got his dance on @ ElecTRONics

He was having such a good time!  I literally had to pick him up and carry him away while he was kicking and screaming!  This was at 7pm, after a full day of excitement... I needed food!

But again we stopped
at Fliks Flyer
Walked around Downtown Disney
Realized that you need reservations if you want to eat anywhere
Took the Monorail back to Disneyland/Tomorrowland
Ate burgers while going deaf to live music
Missed our 9pm bus
Killed time by walking though Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Looked at shops on Main St 
Look through the Fire Station and the Disney History
Sat through the Abraham Lincoln show... Kids fell asleep
Carried them to wait for the 10pm bus
Waited and waited
Finally boarded our 15min late bus that everyone and their mother was on
Made it back to the hotel by 10:45.
Passed out!


Tiff said...

Look like all had a blast! Following you from the hop! Please come check me out!

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Following you via Mingle Monday

momto8 said...

lucky you! looks zoo much fun for everyone!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

Missy said...

Hard day but FUN DAY!
My son is 4 months old and I can't wait to take him on adventures like this.
I found your blog via Mingle Monday. Have a great day!