Monday, February 27, 2012

Bath Remodel ~ 3 Years Long

Three long short years ago, when we bought our home, we started remodeling the entire house with a few goals in mind. One being, finish one bathroom completely.
Well here we are 3 years later and we FINALLY have one fully funtioning bathroom:)
I sound like I am complaining... it really hasn't been that bad.  We have made the best of what we have and now that it is "finished", I feel spoiled!

Unfortunately, back when we started the remodel, I wasn't too involved and didn't get many before pictures.
So I will try my best to explain.  This is a picture of what we started with... except this is after Daddy took down the wall and pocket door that was dividing the sink and the bath/tub.  And before he took down the drywall.
Date: March 2nd 2009

 This is the only other picture I could find of the bathroom between then and now.
As you can see, we had a tub but no surrounding tile.  So the kids could bathe, but no shower.  Also, there is no tile on the floor, just cement board.
Date: June 5th 2009

Now to the exciting part!  Mid January Daddy started tiling the shower!


It took almost 3 full weekends to finish.

Then we had the toilet disaster.
And the bathroom was like this for 2-3 weeks... We kept the door closed this whole time because I didn't want the kids messing with it.

We finally tracked down the wall mount toilets we needed.  They were over two hours away, so my dad took a trip to get them... Thank you Dad!

So this is today:)
Toilet is in, shower is done, everything is clean and back to normal... but better!

We still aren't done, we have trim and lighting and decor to finish. But it is FULLY FUNCTIONAL! And that is really all I care about.

Isn't this cute??  Daddy made it for the kiddos a few months back.  The boards are from an old fence we took down when we moved in.  We saved the wood and have been using it all over the house.

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