Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Toy Story Mania ~ Wii

The kids favorite ride at Disneyland (CA Adventure actually) was by far Toy Story Mania.
We only rode it once due to the 90 minute wait... But the kids asked over and over to ride it again!
If you haven't been on it, basically you sit in the car that spins you through a maze of video arcade games in 3D.  I can't describe the awesomeness of it:)

Anyways, so Daddy and I were at Best Buy browsing when we came across this...

We had to get it.  It is the ride, in a Wii game.

The kids have NEVER played the Wii, but we figured they are old enough to try it every once in a while for a family fun night.
See, we no longer have a "TV"... we have a tv, but no programing.  So we can't watch anything except DVDs.  So we have movie nights every once in a while, but this would be so much more fun!
We brought it home, dusted off and plugged in the Wii.
Then started the fun.

It took the kids a while to figure the whole thing out, but they did really good!
Bubba Love was a lot better then Buddy Boy (obviously due to the age difference), but Buddy Boy just loved being apart of it.

It was lots of fun and the kids have been asking everyday to play.
I am thinking it may become a reward for good behavior... Then it will be truly appreciated!

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