Monday, March 12, 2012

Bubba Love Is 5!!

Bubba Love turned 5 on Saturday!  I can't believe how big she is getting.  To me, 5 is a big birthday... it is the start of a new chapter in life!  So we started it off with a bang:)

Saturday was her actual birthday.  After waking up to her favorite blueberry pancakes and watching her new movie Tangled, her friends started arriving to celebrate her special day.

It was a Fancy Nancy Party for my fancy little girl!

Buddy Boy joined in on the fanciness too.

Silly girl, she is always giving us weird smiles when the camera comes out!

Pinata Time

 Decorating cupcakes

The whole group.
I officially got the world's worst mom award at this point.  I realized that I didn't have ANY candles!  I had bought a lighter... but no candles!
So we sang to her and she pretended to blow them out.
She also told me that it was ok, because she was so happy about everything else... what a sweet girl!

Lastly, present time

Sunday night, we had a family pizza party for all the adults in her life. 
This girl is so loved!  Two parties where she was completely spoiled!

So here comes worst mom award again!  This time we had candles, but no lighter!
No one at the pizza place had one either.
So she sat with her cupcake waiting while people went searching and for a quick trip to the dollar store next door.

Still waiting!
She was so patient.
Did you notice her tutu?  One of her Aunties made it for her as a birthday gift and she wouldn't take it off once she got it.


She was being shy while everyone sang to her

Happy Birthday Baby!

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