Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday!: {Potty Training}

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{Potty Training!} 

As mother's, potty training is something we all have to face! It can really be a tough milestone to achieve! Give us your thoughts on potty training! Have you potty trained your little one? When did you start? How did it go? What was the hardest part of potty training? Also, give any tips you have for those who haven't potty trained yet!

If you haven't potty trained yet,tell us what you questions and concerns you have about future potty training! Those of us who have potty trained might be able to help ease some of those fears and answer some of those questions you have.
So far, I have potty trained two kiddos and it was completely different with each.
With Bubba Love, I started potty training her right at her 2nd birthday.  She is a smart little girl and I knew she would catch on, plus I had two kids in cloth diapers and was ready to lighten the dirty diaper laundry load!  So I started out by taking her to the potty and reading to her until she went, and then would ask or bribe.  She wasn't going for it!!  She knew what I expected of her, but she wasn't giving in that easily.  Like I said... she is smart, but she is also strong willed like her mother!  So finally at the end of day one, after a lot of time and patience, Bubba Love went behind a curtain and peed!  So I threw her a towel and told her to clean it up before it was bed time (looking back, I can't believe I told at 24 month old all this)!  But she did, and the next day we didn't have a single accident!  She has been potty trained ever since.  I guess once she knew she was responsible for what came out of her, she thought it would be best not to make a mess of it:)
Buddy Boy was a different story.  We started potty training him around 28 months.  Again, I thought he was ready and I had two in cloth diapers.  Things went pretty well at first.  He was excited to be like his big sissy and the m&m's as a reward worked really well!  He was fully potty trained within a week; with lots of encouragement, rewards, consistancy and patience.  Everything was great!  But then he had his first "accident", by pooping in his pants.  He had been outside playing and didn't want to come in.  So he just pooped in his pants.  From then on it was a struggle and fight.  I knew he knew what to do, he just didn't want to stop having fun.  He never peed in his pants, only pooped... wierd!  I tried to make him clean it up, but he didn't care and it only made that much more of a mess for me.  I tried telling him he would have to wear a diaper again.  I tried talking to him and encouraging him.  I tried just about everything, but he was still pooping in his pants for months after he had been potty trained.  So I just said whatever and let it go.  He stayed in his big boy undies and I would just change him without a word if he pooped.  This went on for a while.  But then we started talking about Disneyland and how we wouldn't be able to take him unless he was pooping in the potty.  I also started giving m&m's as rewards again.  Those two things combined seem to be the answer.  He was pooping in the potty again and has been ever since.
I really have no advice for other moms!!  I have potty trained two kids and still have no idea what I am doing when it comes to potty training.  It really depends on the kid and I think it is a little bit of trial and error!
Best of luck to all of you in your potty training adventures:)

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Amanda I said...

Our son was the other way around. Pooping was the only thing we could guarantee he would do in the potty, but he'd pee his pants constantly.

Christa said...

oh we lucked out on potty training "pweew!"
i waited till bray was 2 1/2 when she was showing real interest and it only took 3 days