Monday, March 19, 2012

Homeschool Happenings ~ Isabelle

We have been trying all sorts of new stuff these last couple weeks.
But what the kids are most excited about right now is Isabelle.

Isabelle (who is now just Bell in our house) is a site words caterpillar.  She randomly grows bigger during the week with a new site word.

She was my mom's when my mom was teaching kindergarten.  I actually made her over 8 years ago when I was helping in her class one summer.  Funny how things come around:)

So Bell goes with a set of books from McGraw-Hill called Pre-Decodables Level A.  Every book has 1-5 new site words, so as we learn them we progress through the books. 

Here is an example from book 2.
Site words:

Reading them:

We just started this today and both the kids can read through the first book. They are SO proud and excited!!

Here is Bubba Love this morning...

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Are You A Mom said...

I love Bell...what a cool idea! I am following you from the hop on Facebook...please stop by and say hi!