Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday: Birth Stories! {Was It Everything You Expected?}

It's Here!
Mommy Talk Tuesday has officially started!

This weeks topic is:
Birth Stories {Was It Everything You Expected?}

So link up your birth stories, tell us a little about what you had expected before giving birth and if everything went as planned or as you had hoped.  Also, if you could do it all over again (some of you probably will) what would you change the next time around.
First time mama's... tell us what you are hoping, dreaming and expecting from your upcoming birth.


For me, I have had three very different births that were also very similar. 
Going into my first birth, I really had no clue what to expect... I just knew I wanted to have an unmedicated birth.  It was hard, but not nearly as hard as people made me think it would be.  It was a very fast and uncomplicated birth.
Seventeen months later, when I gave birth the second time (still need to write that story!), it wasn't at all what I expected.  I expected it to got fast like the first.  I expected it to be painful, but in a gradual and manageable way.  I expected to give birth in the water.  Well.  It did go fast, but ALOT faster then I thought... 1hr 26min fast.  It was painful, but not gradual... my labor went from zero pain to OMG pain in minutes, giving me no time to manage the contractions.  And lastly, I didn't give birth in the water because I hated the water and my midwife thought I was having a 10lb+ baby... thankfully he was only 8 1/2lbs.
My most recent birth was the one that I was probably most prepared for and had a pretty good idea of what to expect.  I had done this twice already and felt pretty confident that it would go similar to the other two.  And it did.
My last birth went pretty much perfect in my mind.  So there are very few things I want to change this time around.  But one thing is, I am not even going to attempt to give birth in the water.  The first time it didn't work, the second time it didn't help... so no more trying, this baby will be born on the earth!  And this time, into Daddy's hands!  The other thing I want to *attempt*, but doubt it will happen, is to accept more help during labor.  I don't like being touch, talked to, coached, looked at, ect.  I would love to accept a massage or counter pressure or even just a kiss from the hubs.  It may be wishful thinking though!


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FunnyPregnantLady said...

Is there a button yet for Mommy Talk Tuesday???
Thanks for hosting

Mama Lake said...

We should have the button together by next week:)

Shannon Stubbs said...

I hate being touched as well! And the alternating between hot and freezing!!!