Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mommies On A Mission ~ Week 2

Weeks postpartum: 5
Pregnancy Weight: 158
Last Weeks Weight: 135
Current Weight: 135
Goal Weight: 115 & firmer
I posted last week that I figured these next 2 weeks would be slow due to the fact that I am not allowed to work out yet!
I was right... I didn't lose anything this week!
It didn't help that I also didn't eat very well this past week.  With camping all I did was snack and eat way too many smores! 
So tomorrow I am back to eating good.  Salads, veggies, lean meats and NO sweets!
My 6 week postpartum visit is on Monday and hopefully I will get the ok to work out again:)  I am planning to start a Jillian Michael's video as soon as that happens!
Hopefully I will have some more exciting news for you next week!

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Alicia Seeley said...

At least you didn't gain. I hate it when I don't lose one week, but stay the same!!! I am 2 years post partum, and am trying to get my butt in gear!! You can me post partum for 2 years right??? Thought so!! Good luck, rootin for ya!!!