Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bubba Love Got Her Ears Pierced!

Bubba Love woke up last Thursday, randomly asking if she could get her ears pierced.
I told her to call her Daddy and ask him, he said yes!
On her request, we waited until Daddy could go with because she wanted him there to hold her hand:)
So Friday at lunch time we met Daddy at a local Claire's... she was beyond excited!!

She picked out her favorite earrings and sat down.

I think at this point she was getting nervous, but didn't say anything.

Then without her really having a chance to see what they were doing, two ladies pierced her ears at the same time.  She said owwweeee and had one big alligator tear.
But once she saw them there was no doubt in her mind that she made the right choice:)

She has been so good about keeping them clean and healthy.
Now she can't wait until she can go back to buy the Hello Kitty earrings!

These babies grow up way to fast!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Aww so cute! I can't wait til my daughter asks for hers done!