Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday { Toddler Learning}

The Not So Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom
Welcome back to Mommy Talk Tuesday!
We missed last week, but we are glad to be back:)
This weeks topic is {Toddler Learning}: How do you teach your toddler? What do you think is important for your toddler to learn? What fun learning activities do you have to share with other moms?
I have posted a few of our activities here previously.  We haven't been doing anything new lately because we have been spending most of our time outside!
With Bubba Love, I was crazy about her learning things.  I wanted her to walk early, talk early, know her shapes and colors early, potty train early, ABC's early... you get my point.
She did all these things early because I pushed her to, but what I have realized now that she and Buddy Boy are older is that kids learn at their own pace and one day it will just click for them.
I struggled when Bubba Love was 3 to make her learn her ABC's, I finally gave up and decided to wait a bit.  Now there is hardly any teaching to do, she has great letter recognition and picks up on the sounds fast with little "teaching" from me.
I guess my point is, there is no need to rush our kids!
With both of the boys, I have been much more relaxed.  We play, read, and do workbooks.  But at their pace and more for fun then for learning.  They are exactly where they need to be education wise and they are enjoying it:)

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