Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Getaway Part 1

I stated a while back that Daddy and I would be going on a weekend getaway without the kids.
That was last weekend and we had SO much fun.
We dropped the kiddo's off at Yammie and Baba's early Friday morning and set off to Bakersfield for a NSRA street rod show.
I am not really sure how I forgot, but I forgot to take a picture of Daddy and I... AND I forgot to take a picture of our street rod.
So here is the most recent picture of our truck, it's a '39 Ford.

So most of you mom's out there are probably thinking I am crazy for enjoying a weekend looking at street rods!  But think about it... a weekend free from kids... it doesn't really matter what you are doing or where you are going, it will be relaxing!
While at the car show I spent most of my time reading, eating or walking around with Daddy.  I even got to hold his hand!  It was like we were dating again;)

Anyways, so here are a few pictures of the weekend:

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