Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Round Up

This weekend was busy!  And guess what... I forgot my camera everywhere we went!
Oh well.  I have a few pictures from my phone and a couple videos also:)

So our weekend started off with a car show.  On our way there, Buddy Boy decided he was a dog!  Hehe, who needs a dog when you have kids to entertain you...

After the car show, we headed out to a birthday party where we spent the rest of the day.
None of the kids had naps, including Baby C who is use to taking at least one long nap a day.  So when we got to the party all he wanted to do was sit in the swing and have me swing him.  And I did... ALL afternoon.  I also neglected to put sun screen on myself.  So while all the kids were lathered up, I was burning up.  Here's me on Saturday night, Daddy was rubbing aloe on me because I could hardly stand it.  I really hope I learn my lesson in the future:)

Sunday was our baby celebration brunch, which was lots of fun, but I will have more to say about that during my pregnancy post this week:)

After everyone went home, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside.  Bubba Love practiced her hula hooping... check her out:)

A bit after this video, Daddy and I started noticing some weird stuff going on... it started getting dark and strange shadows were appearing.  We both started feeling a little odd from the sudden change in atmosphere, then suddenly we realized there was an eclipse!   
So Daddy ran off to his shop to get his welding mask, then all of us took a look:)
This is the best picture we got.

Buddy Boy taking a look, this was after the full eclipse and it was getting sunny again.

These are the strange shadows.  These are the shadows that the trees/leaves were making.  Trippy!!

Ahh, I love busy weekends!  It keeps the time moving quickly, so quickly that before we know it Baby #4 will be here.  The next 5 weeks are packed full of fun and I know they will fly by.

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