Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday {Letters To Your Child/Children}

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The Not So Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom

This weeks topic is: {Letters to your Child/Children} Write a letter to your child or children and tell them anything you want to tell them.

So this isn't exactly a letter to my kids.  But this weekend at our baby celebration, we asked all the guest to fill out one of these...

It was really cute and I loved reading what everyone had to say!
I have yet to fill mine out, so here it goes...

I hope you learn... To live everyday to the fullest.
I hope you aren't afraid of... snakes and spiders.
I hope you love... your family.
I hope you get... your Daddy's eyes.
I hope you laugh... at your Baba's jokes:)
I hope you never forget... how much you are loved!
I hope you ignore... your siblings teasing.
I hope you become... a beautiful person, inside and out.
I hope you respect... yourself and your family.
I hope you grow... healthy and happy.


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Next weeks topic: Baby items, best and worst.

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