Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6 Years!

Today, Daddy and I have been married for 6 years!!
Happy Anniversary Baby:)

Last anniversary we said we were going to try to slow down a bit... but here we are again with another baby on the way!  It's the only way we know how to live, never a dull moment.

So for 6 years, here are 6 reasons why I love Daddy so much!
1. He loves me and our family more then anything else in this world.  He shows me everyday by working harder then anyone I know, so that the babies and I can stay home and enjoy everyday!
2. He has a passion for making thing and working with his hands.  He is beyond meticulous which causes for long days in the shop but amazing results in the end.
3. He is not a romantic in any way, but he knows exactly how to make me feel special.  In a much better way then flowers or chocolates could ever do.  
4. He supports me in all my craziness!  Whether it's rescuing a stray or birthing our babies at home, he is behind me 100%. 
5. He is my dream man... Sexy in that rustic cowboy kind of way:)
6. He made a vow to me, and I know that no matter what happens he meant what he said.  He will love me forever and stick with me through it all.


Becca Acker said...

How precious! Happy Anniversary. Btw, that picture of you two is like, the CUTEST pic I have seen!! :)

Maria @ Life on M Avenue said...

this is so sweet. :) my hubby and i are celebrating 7 years on monday. maybe i will think of something nice to say about him.. kidding! :)