Monday, June 18, 2012

Staying Busy!

We have been staying busy lately.

Trampoline fun with friends...

Yearly doctor and dentist visits

Midwife appointments

Bounce houses

Spray parks

Trying to nap...

Grad parties

Birthday parties

Swim lessons...

Berry picking...
This was the start to Bubba Love's "bad luck" week.  She slipped in the mud 2 times while picking berries and then got stung by a wasp.  Poor baby!

Anniversary dinner (2 dinners really)

Swimming at Yammie's

Story time @ the library

Moving into a big boy bed after figuring out how to climb out of the crib...

Trip to the Zoo
This was Bubba Love's second day of bad luck this week.  She tripped and tore up her knee pretty good.  When we asked for a band-aid though, they gave her (and all the kids) ice cream to cheer her up.

BBQ w/ family

Yearly midwife potluck

Father's Day breakfast


Is that enough to fit into 10 days??
I really should slow down because at the end of the evenings I am SO tired, but we are trying to have some fun before the baby comes and we will be laying low.

Coming up this week...
More swim lessons
Madagascar 3
Hair appointment
Then hopefully a baby!!

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