Sunday, June 17, 2012

Crafting ~ Nesting Style

Over the last week I have had a few breaks from my kids... So I have been crafting!

First I made the new baby this cute minky blanket.
This is the first blanket I have ever made, it was pretty easy to make and super inexpensive.  I think these may be my new baby shower gifts!

Then with the left over fabric from the blanket, I made a boppy cover.
Baby C was breaking it in for us tonight:)

Then I saw a really cute, fast and easy tutorial for canvas photos here.
So I printed off a few of my favs from our recent family photo shoot and made them into canvas.
I am just waiting for Daddy to hang them up.... hint,hint!

Lastly, I made a birthday gift for one of Bubba Love's friends.
Her Dad told us she has too many toys, so I thought this was a great gift instead.


All these crafts are keeping me busy and my mind off of having a baby!  I am going to have to think of a few more things to craft this week:)  Any suggestions?

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