Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ideal VS. Reality ~ Birth Doula

I started doing Doula work when Buddy Boy was a little over a year. We were unsure whether or not we would have more kids, but thought we may be done after I had two miscarriages. Well, a week after my doula training I realized I was pregnant with Baby C. I tried to attend a few births but between morning sickness and little ones at home, it was very hard on me. So I took the rest of the year off and started attending births again when Baby C was 6 months old. It was even harder. I love being a doula but between pumping, being away from the baby, and trying to find a sitter for all my kids for an unknown length of time it was all too much. I again decided to take another break. I was contacted by a few people in mid October last year who needed a doula and decided to go to a few interviews... I figured if it was meant to be, it would be. I guess it wasn't, because before I even made it to the interviews I found out I was pregnant again with Baby #4. I knew then that I wasn't suppose to be a doula at this stage of my life.
It is sad for me but I know again, that I need to be at home with my kids in order for our family to run smoothly and for there to be peace in our household. I also know that life goes through stages and that although at this time I can't do doula work, one day I will find myself back in the birth world. I still have dreams of where I want to be, they are just not part of my reality right now.

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Angela said...

I can so relate to this...I became a doula when my 2nd was 1 year old. I moved here to SC and started up a doula business...I attended 8 births in the first 4 months of living in a new state, and although I love birthwork, those were the most stressful months of my life- two young children, no support system to help care for the kids...I quickly realized it was not what I was meant to do at this stage in life. I put it on hold. And that's ok.