Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday {Best & Worst Baby Items}

Welcome back to Mommy Talk Tuesday! 
Sorry we missed the last few weeks, but we are excited to be back:)
The Not So Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom

This weeks topic is {Best & Worst Baby Items}:
Tell us what you couldn't live without and what was a waste of money when it came to baby items!

I have a lot of best & worst!
My best of the best is my Ergo Carrier.  I bought it when Bubba Love was a couple months old, and have used it with all the kids and it is/was a total life saver. The first few month of a babies life, all they want is to be close to their mama... so this carrier makes that easy and comfortable.
Other bests:
5 second thermometer
Gripe Water

Worst of the worst has to be the pee-pee teepee.  We were given a set of these when I was pregnant with Buddy Boy and I never used it.  It takes more time to cover it up while changing a boy, then it does to just change a boy... learn to do it fast if you are that worried about getting peed on!
Other worsts:
Grocery cart cover
Swaddling blankets
Non-practical outfits & baby shoes

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Next Weeks Topic: {Mommy Friends!}
 How important is it to have fellow mommy friends? What are ways you have made mommy friends? What do you do about other moms who are judgmental towards your parenting style or try to push their parenting thoughts on you?

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Jillian Nicole said...

My worst Baby Item was those U-shaped pillows to put around the baby neck when sleeping. It more pushed his head forward to hang down than keep it in a safe position.
My best was a baby swing that we hung indoors and it helped put the baby to sleep. One they were strapped in you can push it and walk away. Great buy.