Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bubba Love The Ball Player

Bubba Love started T-Ball a few weeks back and last Saturday was her first game. 
She was so stinkin' cute in her uniform, and she was so excited to show us all that she had learned!

Here she as at the opening ceremonies!

Up to bat for the first time.  She hit it right away and it went far:)

Her coach at first, helping her along.

Then at second, she ran into her best friend.  They chit chatted while we were trying to yell to her to pay attention!

Chit chatting again with another coach... this girl LOVES to talk.
We say she is our extrovert in an introvert family.

Daddy and Buddy Boy enjoying the game.

She was in the outfield and bummed because not many balls get that far. 

Game face

Good game!

At this age, they don't keep score.  So it was fun to just watch the girls play.
She now has 3 games a week... yikes!  It's a lot, but since she isn't in school she is loving the socialization.

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